Fuhk Yoo, it's attitude therapy!

Protest with strong defiance and contempt!  Fuhk Yoo:  It's more than just an attitude, it's therapy.

Now let's get it off our chest without naming names or being vindictive, we're beyond that.  Here's your chance to let it go and don't let that fuhker get away with it.  Tell'em in your own words to fuhkyoo!  All you've got to do is put that shit into words, provide us with an email address and post the fuhker.  We're dying to know what's on yoor fuhking mind.  Oh yeah you've gotta read the somewhat legal stuff first, we don't fuhk around...

Here's what the emoji hand signs look l***!

Anti-Fascism - Hand Sign LanguageRock On - Hand Sign LanguageGood Luck - Hand Sign LanguageHang Loose - Hand Sign LanguageLive Long & Prosper - Hand Sign LanguageLove Yoo - Hand Sign LanguageFuhk Yoo - Hand Sign LanguageNumber One - Hand Sign LanguagePeace Man - Hand Sign LanguageCalm Down - Hand Sign Languagenice... :)...by fuhkmee  on December 26, 2019

You've reached the end Fuhker!